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2010 An Analysis of Medicaid for Americans with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

A Case for Inclusion, see Analysis

We release this report in the context of a nation struggling with the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression. States have been challenged to close unprecedented budget deficits over the past two years and are projected to have similar enormous budget deficits for the next two to three years.

Given these factors, this 2010 report needs to be taken in context. Data for this year’s report is mostly from state fiscal year 2008 – for most states ending in June 2008 and before the most significant budget deficits. Therefore, this year’s report is a look back of where states stood before the current recession and before states received significant boost in federal stimulus funding. The challenge for elected officials, families and advocates is to maintain the progress that has been achieved over the past three decades. We must not let the current economic crisis be an excuse to turn back the clock on Inclusion.