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2016 Final Report of the Aging & Disability Joint Legislative Executive Committee

The purpose of the committee is to identify key strategic actions to prepare for the aging of the population in Washington, including state budget and policy options, by conducting at least, but not limited to, the following tasks: (i) Establish a profile of Washington’s current population of older people and people with disabilities and a projection of population growth through 2030; (ii) Establish an inventory of services and supports currently available to older people and people with disabilities from the health care and long-term services and support systems and other community resources such as housing, transportation, income support, and protection for vulnerable adults; (iii) Identify state budget and policy options to more effectively use state, federal and private resources to, over time, reduce the growth rate in state expenditures that would otherwise occur by continuing current policy in light of significant population growth; (iv) Identify strategies to better serve the health care needs of an aging population and people with disabilities, and promote healthy living; (v) Identify policy options to create financing mechanisms for long-term services and supports that will promote additional private responsibility for individuals and families to meet their needs for service; (vi) Identify policies to promote financial security in retirement, support people who wish to stay in the workplace longer, and expand the availability of workplace retirement savings plans; and (vii) Identify policy options to help communities adapt to the aging demographic in planning for housing, land use and transportation.

Aging & Disability JLEG Final Report