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Hard Work Deserves Fair Pay

Hard Work Deserves Fair PayMinimum-wage workers across America need a pay raise. They could use the cash and so could the economy that would immediately receive every penny.

Helping those on the lowest income rung does more good than that endlessly recycled shibboleth about tax cuts for the wealthiest empowering the economy. Yeah, prove it.

Seattle’s internecine debate over a $15 minimum wage stalled Wednesday, but was revived Thursday by Mayor Ed Murray.

I will concede the whole local discussion netted more results than the Occupy Wall Street political theater that it echoed.

Otherwise, the origin of the $15 figure was never clear. Proponent Nick Hanauer told a meeting of The Seattle Times editorial board that he basically made it up.

The other night, the economics correspondent for the PBS NewsHour said the proposed wage represented financial self-sufficiency for a Seattle household with one adult and one child. More than I knew before.

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