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New ‘purple card’ system would help people with dementia

Now state lawmakers are considering legislation that would create a “purple card alert system” modeled on Fraley’s idea.

Madeleine Fraley's simple idea, to hand out a Purple card alerting people to her husband Larry's dementia and asking for their patience, is the basis for House Bill 2835, which would task DSHS to develop a similar card as part of the state's Alzheimer's plan required by 2014 legislation.
Madeleine and Larry Fraley.

The legislation (HB 2835) directs the Department of Social and Health Services to develop a purple card asking recipients to be accommodating to the person with dementia. The department also would promote the card among first responders, businesses and the general public. An amended bill passed the House Health Care & Wellness Committee last week, and proponents say they are hopeful the full House will vote on the legislation by Feb. 17, the deadline for legislation to pass at least one legislative chamber.